Challenge at Work and Next Initiative Plan

Challenge at Work and Next Initiative Plan

It’s been 2 months since I started working at my current employer. As an ASP.NET Developer, I volunteer to work on a new module of the web application. I am working on creating a workflow viewer which dynamically displays each step with corresponding parent and child relationship.

The challenge is quite… challenging. I have to consider a few cases:

  • The web application is already working and only need to integrate the new module.
  • MVC Framework is being followed but unfortunately, I can’t utilize Partial View given that the Controller is inhering API Controller
  • The existing coding standard for rendering content in the new module was administered using JQuery.

As such, I have no choice but to build the HTML DOMs using JQuery. Fortunately, the web application is utilizing Bootstrap for UI designing which help me use less Vanilla-CSS. The most challenging part of this week was the task of creating a line that connects parent-to-child workflow steps and vice versa. All steps are pulled from the database, thus, the workflow viewer should dynamically plot each connected steps.

Finally, I was able to make something and received a ‘Good job!’ comment from my Technical Lead. It’s really motivating knowing that your work done has been appreciated. Now, I am moving to a new task adding callout details for each workflow steps.

On the other hand, I failed to complete the draft of the planned learning topic to share this week. Nonetheless,  I planned to start sharing onward about a few web development techniques I’ve learned like development using Visual Studio tools and services as well as utilizing Azure DevOps.

And afterwards, I planned to share an initiative again through a series of post about setting up continuous integration and continuous deployment of ASP.NET application hosted in Azure Services. That includes…

  • Utilizing Code Repository in Azure DevOps (formerly known as VSTS)
  • Follow approach and technique based on preferred Version Control – Git or TFVC
  • Establishing Continuous Integration which triggers an automated build of your code from repository whenever code has been pushed or checked-in.
  • Establishing Continuous Deployment for a targeted environment (Development, Test, Production) with the implementation of pre-approval or post-approval mechanism.

Additionally, I’ll be posting some updates related to my very own website – Yanthusiast. It is my current big project as a portfolio and a one-stop page for my personal brand at the same time.

With just this big project, I already foresee an adventure on my learning journey.

Thanks for reading and have a nice weekend!

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