Host Your WordPress in Microsoft Azure

Host Your WordPress in Microsoft Azure

As a learning enthusiast, research and experimental implementation became my primary source of the learning experience. As such, this month has been dedicated to my learning journey about hosting a WordPress application into cloud services offered by Microsoft Azure as an initiative. Having a Free Trial subscription with $200 Credits in Microsoft Azure, I manage to create sample cloud solution for hosting WordPress application into Azure App Service.

My aim for this initiative is to create a working cloud solution for WordPress application housed in Microsoft Azure on which the cloud solution contains basic infrastructure to host the application that was created for the sake of learning experience on utilizing cloud services.

Behind the scene, the WordPress application was housed by App Service grouped together with other Azure Services.

When I created the App Service for WordPress, an additional configuration of App Service Plan and Database were required with an option to include Application Insights for monitoring the application.

Since it is a blog application, I needed custom domain dedicated to it with an option to use an existing domain but I do not have one yet. So, I did buy through Azure App Service Domain costing you $11.99 and upon creation, two resources have been generated: one resource for the custom domain per se and one resource for the DNS of the custom domain.

In order to make the site secure with a digital signature, I did buy a dedicated certificate which will be bound to my custom domain. I did not know yet how to buy and configure a certificate from an external provider, hence, I did chose the App Service Certificate offered by Microsoft Azure choosing the Standard SSL certificate option. I did buy so that I only have one provider for all necessary services. 

While purchasing the certificate, I noticed that I need Azure Key Vault to store the necessary details and configuration of the certificate which I have no idea what for, yet. All I learned was it is selected during the configuration of the App Service before binding the certificate.

Azure Services

On this initiative, I have chosen the below Azure Services:

  • App Service – WordPress 
  • App Service Plan – Shared Infrastructure (…with the lowest price)
  • Azure Database for MySQL Server
  • App Service Domain
  • App Service Certificate – Standard SSL Certificate
  • Key Vault

High-Level Guidelines

Details below are the three high-level guidelines on how I host my WordPress application to Microsoft Azure utilizing cloud services:

1) Create and Setup WordPress with Azure Services

On Azure Portal, authenticated your personal account and navigate on your Azure Active Directory with activated Free Trial Subscription. Create WordPress App Service which can be found under Web Category of all resources. Following the wizard and providing necessary details, set up and configure the details of the dedicated resource group, App Service Plan, and Database.

Upon successful creation of the resources, open the App Service and browse the application using the link in order to finalize the WordPress application setup. After completing the application setup, you can choose the prefered WordPress theme and plug-ins before proceeding with the additional configuration on the Azure cloud solution.

2) Bind App Service Domain to Azure App Service

After setting up the initial resources on Azure, buy a custom domain under App Service Domain and the domain will be dedicated for the already set WordPress application. Following the wizard setup, two resources will be generated – one resource for managing the host binding of the custom domain (root or subdomain) and one for managing the DNS of the custom domain.

Since there’s no need for further configuration on DNS, simply bind the already set WordPress App Service with my prefered custom domain either using the root domain or creating a subdomain. 

3) Bind App Service Certificate to Azure App Service

In order to set the blog application secure with a digital signature, buy a Standard SSL Certificate under Azure App Service Certificate by following and providing necessary details on creation wizard.

Afterwards, follow the instruction from Microsoft Documentation on how to configure the SSL configuration on an already set WordPress App Service including the steps on how to import and bind the certificate into the previously purchased custom domain.


The above guidelines only contain the comprehensive actions that I did in order to accomplish the overall objective of this initiative. Each step in the instruction will be linked to a detailed post once available.

Target to post date for the detailed posts will be on the next few weeks.


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