Guideline #3: Bind App Service Certificate to Azure App Service

Guideline #3: Bind App Service Certificate to Azure App Service

GUIDELINE SERIES: Host Your WordPress in Microsoft Azure

On the previous guidelines, all necessary Azure Services for hosting the WordPress application has been added and also provided with identity by binding custom domain. Now, let’s proceed with adding additional security and encryption mechanism for the initiative. Not familiar with SSL certificates? Have a quick visit on this article for you to understand the purpose of having an SSL certificate.

On this initiative, you only have a simple objective – buy SSL Certificate in Azure and bind it in the Azure App Service created on the previous guidelines. And as usual, I do look for official Microsoft Documentation first before searching other options for reference.

As such, the following reference should already suffice for the object of this initiative:

Reference 01: Buy and Configure an SSL Certificate for Azure App Service

This reference basically got cover the objective on this initiative with the guideline how to buy and bind SSL Certificate to your Azure App Service. Additionally, you’ll find other details such as certificate renewal and configuration.

Reference 02: Bind an Existing Custom SSL Certificate to Azure App Service

This reference could also help as a reference but it was more advanced than the first reference. It does give you guidelines for binding an existing and custom certificate which covers remapping and enforcement steps based on selected binding approach such as SNI-based SSL and IP-based SSL. It also gave you reference for managing public certificates.

Once you’re done buying and binding the certificate, revisit the group of resources for this initiative and confirm the following Azure Services if already available on the group:

  • App Service
  • App Service Plan
  • Application Insights
  • App Service Domain
  • DNS zone
  • App Service Certificate
  • Key Vault

Once confirmed, you basically already completed the initiative and learned few Azure App Service and its uses. Surely, you will still have few credits left on the Free Trial Subscription in your Azure account. As such, you could still play around the Azure resources for this initiative.

You could further explore in updating database provider from ‘MySQL in App’ to ‘Azure Database for MySQL’. In the first guideline, we used the ‘MySQL in App’ and using the other approach will still be covered by your remaining few subscription credits.

Or you could use the remaining credits in exploring other WordPress App Services available in Azure such as follows:

  • WordPress in Linux or Ubuntu – App Service uses Windows OS by default but there are also App Service for WordPress that uses other Operating System such as Linux and Ubuntu. You could use such App Services if you’re more familiar with such an environment.
  • Project Nami – An App Service for WordPress application that uses Microsoft SQL Server as the database provider. Explore this site to learn more about it.

Okay, that’s it! Happy learning and enjoy the journey ahead.

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