Guideline #2: Bind App Service Domain to Azure App Service

Guideline #2: Bind App Service Domain to Azure App Service

GUIDELINE SERIES: Host Your WordPress in Microsoft Azure

Domain Name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet.”, as per definition provided in Wikipedia. Thus, you need such identification string for the previously hosted WordPress application.

I found a lot of references over the internet for instructions and guideline on how to buy a domain name. Unfortunately, the number of reference does not mean it is what you are looking for. On this initiative, I am exploring and utilizing Microsoft Azure services that is why the official Microsoft documentation fits best for references.

Microsoft Documentation: Buy Custom Domain Name for Azure App Service

In this documentation, not only you will be guided on how to buy a custom domain through Azure services but also you will be also informed for other details such as assigning a hostname to your App Services, managing DNS records, domain renewal, and purchase cancellation. All of the needed steps in order to reach the objective of this initiative are available.

But what if you want a custom DNS name or use an existing DNS name? Here is another documentation that could you achieve such case.

Microsoft Documentation: Map an existing custom DNS name to Azure App Service

On this documentation, you will find the guideline and step-by-step instructions not limited to managing your domain but also include resolution of potential issues to encounter.

Okay! Once you completed mapping your preferred custom domain, we could now proceed with the next guideline. And again, confirm first the following Azure Services available on the resource group that has been created:

  • App Service
  • App Service Plan
  • Application Insights
  • App Service Domain
  • DNS zone
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