Guideline #1: Create and Setup WordPress with Azure Services

Guideline #1: Create and Setup WordPress with Azure Services

GUIDELINE SERIES: Host Your WordPress in Microsoft Azure

On Azure Portal, authenticate your personal account and navigate on your Azure Active Directory with activated Free Trial Subscription. To verify your Free Trial subscription, navigate to the left-side panel and click ‘All services’ and select ‘Subscription’. Your free trial subscription should be listed otherwise claim your free trial or avail other modes of subscription.

Once your subscription has been verified, create an App Service for WordPress application (Create a resource > See all > Web > Blog + CMSs > WordPress). It can also be found by filtering all resources by typing ‘WordPress’ on the available search bar.

Once the WordPress App Service has been selected, follow the below steps as part of the creation wizard…

STEP 01: Provide details for the Required Fields 

On the blade of the creation wizard, provide all necessary details such as the application name, the resource group where it belongs, and your Azure subscription.

STEP 02: Select option for Database Provider

You have two (2) option for database provider – Azure Database for MySQL or MySQL in App. The first option is the scalable database on a separate service that provides a managed service for application development and deployment. While the other choice is the database which shares all resources within the App Service Plan and not scalable beyond a single instance.

The former is recommended for live or Production use and the latter for learning purposes or initial phase of development. Use the latter for this initiative for minimal cost compared to the former option.

STEP 03: Create and Select App Service Plan

One of the important parts of the creation process is the App Service Plan. When creating a new plan, there will be three groups you could select which plan suit to your need best – Dev/Test, Production, and Isolated.

Since the goal of the initiative is for the sake of learning, navigate to Dev/Test group and select ‘D1 – Shared Infrastructure’ which supports custom domain that will be configured on succeeding guidelines.

STEP 04: Enable ‘Application Insights’ – Optional

On the last part of the creation wizard, you have an option for enabling Application Insights or not. This Azure Service offers a dashboard showing telemetry of web application and services not limited to real-time monitoring and diagnostics. Explore the service for other features once it is created.

Review all the details you have provided on the creation wizard before initiating the creation of the resources involved. Once initiated, wait for a couple of minutes until you received the notification that the resources have been successfully created.

Navigate on the resource you have created and then open the App Service of the WordPress application. Browse the blog using the available link or use the URL provided on the App Service Overview. You will be redirected to your WordPress site and will be prompted to configure the site.

Provide your preferred credentials and configure your blog as you see fit. Choose your Themes, configure your widgets, or pick your plug-ins. Once you could do everything you can do at the free version of WordPress then it means everything went well.

Your WordPress site is now successfully being hosted in Azure. And finally, confirm the following Azure Services available on the resource group that has been created:

  • App Service
  • App Service Plan
  • Application Insights

Once confirmed, let’s proceed with the next guideline.

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