Yanthusiast: Website Development Begins!

Yanthusiast: Website Development Begins!

I’ve always wanted to create my own website ever since I started my professional journey six years ago. A website developed by myself alone. Not hosted on free hosting site with lots of limitations but on a paid hosting site with a lot of things I can do and do some experiment on. It is a matter of me finding an opportunity for learning and experience.

As being said and despite having a struggle this week, I already started working on my very own website. Or I should say ‘web application‘ since it is not just only my personal page but also my project as part of my portfolio.

I am developing my web application using DotNet (.Net) technologies and hosted on Microsoft Azure. As an aspiring full-stack web developer, I want the application to be user-friendly and have a responsive design. I also wanted to implement a front-end design pattern and back-end design pattern to fully understand the advantage of the said design patterns and experience working with it.

At the moment, my plan is to develop a few features and functionality of the application…

  • Landing Profile – My very own single page containing professional profile details.
  • Portfolio Dashboard – A dashboard page containing details of my portfolio projects (even though I do have much of projects yet).
  • Content Dashboard – A custom CMS that contains not only my learning and experience journal as Blog posts but also my research and insights in a form of articles.
  • Admin Dashboard – The administration portal where I can manage my profile details, project portfolio, and content posts.

As for my current progress, I now have my base code solution ready in Azure DevOps repository as well as the details of my plans. I was also able to set the initial Azure Cloud Services for the cloud solution architecture of my web application. And next, Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) was planned to be completed before or at the end of this month.

Here is the current view of my web application using a laptop, tablet, and mobile phone:

You can also check out the web application by visiting here: http://www.yanthusiast.net

Now, I am only waiting for today’s installation of my internet subscription. By then, I could now start working on my next series of post.

Until then, happy learning and have a happy weekend!

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