Yanthusiast Blog is All Azure Services

Yanthusiast Blog is All Azure Services

This blog is made from WordPress application. What it makes different is that it does not have the same technology infrastructure of most WordPress blog out there.

It is commonly and widely known that if you want to have your own WordPress blog you either utilize the free version from the official site or buy a hosting plan for your very own WordPress blog.

But in this blogs’ case, it is all Azure Services…

App Service

In creating a new resource in Azure Portal, I have used the App Service for WordPress. There are few options there that could be used to fit your purposes such choosing the default App Service for WordPress or the WordPress for Linux/Ubuntu for a specific platform of your choosing. Along the steps of creation of this resource, you will also have the option to choose using the database embedded in the App Service itself with limited capacity or an option to create a dedicated database as separate Azure Service resource. Of course, choosing to create a dedicated database corresponds to additional cost.

Since I’m not yet familiar with Linux or Ubuntu environment, I’ve chosen the default WordPress App Service for this blog.

App Service Plan

Along the creation steps for the WordPress App Service, you will be required to choose a corresponding service plan. On the list of pricing tiers, you can choose an option to use a free service plan or cost plan provided with a monthly estimate of possible cost and these options have corresponding supported features. The higher the price, the more features available.

I am still minimizing the cost at the moment as much as possible based on my objectives, so I decided to choose the lowest pricing tier (Shared Infrastructure with $9 monthly estimated cost) which fit the objective and while still on development phase.

App Service Domain

With the chosen Shared Infrastructure App Service Plan, I can use the feature of assigning custom domain for the created WordPress App Service which perfectly helpful for me to learn how to manage and assign a custom domain to selected App Service. Hence, I created the App Service Domain using my selected root domain (yanthusiast.net) with $11.99 yearly recurring cost.

I am planning to bind and assign my root domain to custom and personal web application as a portfolio organizer which lead me to a decision to bind this blog into a sub-domain: blog.yanthusiast.net

Other Azure Services and Adjustment Plans…

As an Azure-hosted blog, there are still few Azure Services that I planned to utilize in order to say that this blog is totally completed. At the moment, I am still not utilizing the following:

  • Creating a dedicated database for this blog. I am currently using the ‘MySQL In App‘ database as I am still looking for database alternatives such as using MSQL database. This is so that I can only have one server housing all databases that I will be using in future projects and research.
  • Using Azure App Service Certificate or SSL Certificate. This Azure Service will be to secure the website and unfortunately, learning to manage SSL certificate is still on my learning bucket list. I will be sharing what I learned once I get there and on my initial exploration of the service, it requires Azure Key Vault resource.
  • Adding Azure Application Insights for the App Services. Once the App Service has been completed, I planned to utilize this service for monitoring the application and of course, I also planned to further explore its uses.

So far, that is the plan but I am sure there will be possible changes in the future as learning opportunities never end. And as far as this blog is the concern, there still a lot of room for improvements so does learning opportunities as Azure Services also updates over time.

Have you also tried creating your own Azure-hosted WordPress blog?

If so, I would love to hear your experience and your thoughts. I am more than willing to share my thoughts and ideas as well. Feel free to drop a message on my email.

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