My Azure-hosted Blog is Now Up!

My Azure-hosted Blog is Now Up!

It took a year and finally, I manage to start my official blog!

Yes, you read it right! It is not housed on free-hosted site nor housed on dedicated hosting site that you could avail by the norm.

I’ve been undecided either I should subscribe for dedicated hosting sites for WordPress or I should utilize Azure Cloud Services for the sake of learning. If you’re bored, you could try to research and compare the cost. Most likely, you’ll also arrive on the same findings as I am – The former is way less expensive than the latter.

Still, I have chosen to spend extra bucks just to feed my brain for learning and quench my curious mind. With my work experience and technology exposure, my primary choice is to furtherly explore in Microsoft Technology platform. Hence, I have used Microsoft Azure for my cloud service provider with Pay-As-You-Go subscription.

How did I manage to host WordPress in Microsoft Azure?

It’s really quite simple. You just need Microsoft Azure account with a subscription, set up necessary cloud services, and fiddle with the configurations! Then, you are done. Easy, right?

Sorry to burst your bubble but being simple does not mean easy.

If you are professional in this field with extensive experience, perhaps it is really easy. Super easy. No sweat. But if you are just started with the field, much less a student, it will cost quite a series of effort and labour for research as well as trial and error.

I would like to share with you the details about how I did it… but lets take that for another time. I am still observing how much this blog will cost me financially.

Look forward to it as I plan to detail my research on how to host WordPress blog in Azure that includes necessary cloud services such as the database, service plan, service domain, service certificates (Standard SSL), and many others. I hope it won’t cost me much after one month. Hehe šŸ˜›

Until then, enjoy reading and have a nice day!

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